must-have accessories

Our statement wardrobe staples wouldn't be anything without our go-to accessory must-haves.

We have picked out top 3 timeless pieces for all budgets.

A luxury staple endorsed by many of our style icons from Jennifer Lawerence, Zoë Kravitz and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The brand founded by the all time IT girls the Mark Kate and Ashley Olsen is one on the wish list for that indulgent piece. SHOP AT MATCHES FASHION.

The Margaux Bag.
The Row

The Samba may have made its comeback in 2023 but we love the upgrade through the collaboration with Wales Bonner. A casual piece to add to your wardrobe but for sure a piece to upgrade any outfit.

Wales Bonner Samba
Adidas x Wales Bonner

A go-to has to be minimal stacking jewellery to elevate any outfit, with a lot f choice, you can always mix and match your pieces but one that has caught out eye for now has to be Edge of Ember and in particular this open-end ring is with liquid-like etchings and precious green emerald stones - we do love a touch of colour!

Victoria Textured Emerald Stacker Ring
Edge of Ember


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